Integrated services

Our work focuses on managing relations with the stakeholders of each client, building reputation and tackling specific objectives in the institutional, corporate and brand fields, both on and offline, and in a comprehensive, flexible and customized way.

Strategic consultancy

Our senior teams contribute with analytical capacity, vision and the necessary advice to help companies design strategies adapted to each business.

We help companies to identify opportunities, to take advantage of their strengths and reduce their weaknesses, by implementing clear strategies coherent with the brand and with their scope of action in the market.

  • Studies of positioning.
  • Corporate intelligence.
  • Strategic analysis of the environment.
  • Design of strategic plans of internal/external communication.
  • Strategic advice on government relations and public affairs activities
  • CSR projects and reports.

Government relations & Public affairs

It is necessary to know and understand the current political, socioeconomic and regulatory developments of a country in order to be able to optimally defend the interests of any organization.

The political and regulatory environment can provide opportunities but at the time represent threats. This is why we help our clients to develop and reinforce their relations with public institutions and third parties; to detect risks and benefits; and to establish and manage priorities in issues of interest.

We provide our clients with customized tools and strategies, so that they can take part of the policy-making, and also with support for advocating their interests before the local, regional, national or EU public administrations, as well as with third parties.

Our clients will therefore have at their disposal, in advance, the tools they need to defend their interests. This gives them the chance of anticipating any legislation from the European institutions to be adopted at national level.

  • Strategic advice.
  • Legislative monitoring.
  • Analysis of public and sectoral policies.
  • Stakeholder mappings.
  • Analysis of institutional, social and political environments.
  • Elaboration of corporate and institutional materials.
  • Agenda management – Programme of contacts and meetings.
  • Development and management of institutional campaigns.
  • On and offline institutional communication.
  • Training.
  • Partnerships with third parties.
  • Institutional events.


Digital transformation is today a must. Companies face a series of challenges. However, the new work philosophy, the contact between audiences and responses to these new challenges, can also provide huge opportunities. Lasker has specialized teams and alliances with strategic partners at its disposal, in order to help our clients cope with these challenges, by taking advantage of the potential of the social media and, in general, of new technologies, in a customized way.

We are focused on the constant presence of digital strategies, perfectly cohesive and integrated with the different communication lines of the companies, which at all times promote synergies and innovation and ensure our clients’ success.

Developments based on Big Data, strategies and management of social media, apps for all kinds of devices, gamification techniques, and connectivity, are just some competitive advantages we offer to these companies not only in institutional and corporate fields, but also commercial or internal ones.

  • Digital strategic plan.
  • Digital presence studies. Plans for optimization and network utilization.
  • Creativity, ideas and development of digital production: definition, development and assessment of integrated campaigns in the digital environment.
  • Relation with influencers.
  • Social media and Community management.
  • Monitoring: active listening.
  • Crisis management in the digital environment.
  • Web development and search engine positioning.
  • Innovative digital solutions adapted to each client.

Corporate and financial communication

The growing power of citizens, their ability for interaction and influence, and the development of new communication channels today represent a business challenge for confidence building and for the strengthening of corporate reputation.

Competitiveness acquires a greater relevance where the highest qualified stakeholders are concerned, especially in the financial sector, about shareholders, investors, etc., where this confidence building and the recognition of the values of transparency, integrity, social contribution or prestige, obtain an absolutely essential value.

Before identifying the different audiences and reinforcing a direct and solid relation with them, it is fundamental to develop efficient corporate communication strategies oriented towards transmitting the company’s values and activity in order to deal with the perception they reflect.

  • Strategic corporate reputation plan.
  • Reputational study and assessment.
  • Management of relations with stakeholders.
  • Spokespersons training.
  • Speaking opportunities.
  • Reputation plan of the CEO and positioning of the managing team.
  • Awards and recognition.
  • CSR strategic plan: social positioning.
  • Relations with shareholders.
  • Corporate press office.
  • Communication concerning corporate operations: takeover bids, mergers and acquisitions, flotations.
  • Communication with investors and financial intermediaries.
  • Monitoring.

Crisis management

We offer a broad crisis management and crisis prevention service, thanks to our specialized team with experience in dealing with adverse scenarios.

Our services include preventive measures, risk assessments and training, as well as on and offline comprehensive management of unfavorable situations for the companies and including specific plans to recover reputation.

  • On and offline plans for comprehensive crisis management.
  • Crisis communication manual.
  • Risk analysis and potential support: perception studies.
  • Spokespersons training.
  • Crisis simulations.
  • Senior assistance for adverse situations.
  • Active listening and impact monitoring: digital environment, media and internal channels.
  • Plans for reputation recovery.

EU affairs

The role of the EU institutions is fundamental to a proper understanding of the legislative procedures of today, as they represent the starting point for a relevant part of legislation applied in the EU Member States.

EU affairs are key when advising our clients. We are convinced that anticipation is crucial to developing an efficient government relations and public affairs strategy. Thanks to our knowledge of the European Union, clients are not only able to take part of the decision-making of the different institutions, but also to react before the legislation is adopted or applied at national level.

  • Strategic advice.
  • Stakeholder mappings.
  • Analysis of risk and opportunity scenarios.
  • Direct dialogue with EU key actors.
  • Intelligence reports.
  • Management of alliances.
  • Training programmes.
  • Monitoring of EU legislation.
  • Programme of contacts.
  • On and offline institutional campaigns and events.

Brand communication

The consumer sector and the markets have changed in recent years. The capacity for interaction and for generating awareness, the speed of information and the new scenarios of influence have increased even more than the real power of consumers. We have evolved from one-way communication to dialogue within the framework of complex networks of opportunities with new challenges for the brands.

Our team of consultants helps brands to take part in the debate, to reinforce the links with their audiences in a more solid and stable way and aiming to increase their competitiveness in an increasingly dynamic and changing context.

Lasker has expertise in launching and positioning strategies for a product, following a prior definition of their main values and assets. We identify the appropriate target by analyzing both their environments and competitors, gathering information which is crucial for the success of the campaigns.

  • Communication plans for launching products.
  • Storytelling development and content creation.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Gamification.
  • Big Data.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Social media.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Press office: integration ahead of optimal 360° projects.
  • Comprehensive management of marketing events.
  • Experiential marketing.
  • Setting conditions for the market.
  • Agreements with celebrities and influencers.
  • Analysis and monitoring.

Internal communication

At Lasker, we design strategies aimed at promoting internal communication and the involvement of members, the feeling of belonging to the company, talent retention and the creation of ambassadors of the brand, which is essential for building the corporate reputation of companies.

In order to maintain a link with the employees, it is essential to transmit the objectives of the company, organizational changes, success stories or career plans and professional development offered by the company.

  • Strategic internal communication plan.
  • Brand management and reputation.
  • Internal communication audits.
  • Attracting talent.
  • Corporate manuals.
  • Internal magazine management.
  • Internal crisis management (layoffs, etc.).
  • Gamification techniques.
  • Boosting digitalization: optimal use of new technologies for internal management.
  • Content creation: revitalization (participation, intranet, transversality, collaborative policies, improvement groups, etc.).
  • Changes in management.