Who We Are

We are an independent strategic consulting firm that comes from the union of specialized professionals with decades of experience in institutional relations, digital development and communication, both at national and European level.

Lasker is an idea of integration, focused on efficiency. On results. On achieving an interaction and a level of trust with each client capable of achieving higher levels of satisfaction every day. This work philosophy has been reflected in the PR SCOPEN 2020/21 study that has recognized Lasker as the number 1 consulting firm in client satisfaction in just 4 years of development.

A recognition that encourages us to continue on this path with the idea of continuing to share this success with our clients.

Quienes Somos

Our Network

At Lasker we are committed to a development model based on collaboration. On adding alliances to have the best specialists in each field and in a really competitive way. A dynamic of collaborations in different lines:


We have the support of external consultants and collaborators that reinforce our operational capacity in Spain and the EU (Brussels), as well as in specific areas of specialization adapted to the needs of each project.


We have offices in Brussels (EU) and work with permanent collaborators in Portugal (Lisbon) who, depending on the intensity of the project, participate with our team of consultants in the development and execution of plans for our clients.

Transparency and code of ethics

At Lasker we comply with the highest standards of ethics and transparency in everything we do, with special attention to the relationships we maintain with public administrations.

For this reason, we are registered in different public registries and share their respective ethical codes:

And we are also members of ADC sharing the code of ethics and principles that we consider essential to contribute to the development of the sector.