Internal communication

At Lasker, we design strategies aimed at promoting internal communication and the involvement of members, the feeling of belonging to the company, talent retention and the creation of ambassadors of the brand, which is essential for building the corporate reputation of companies.

In order to maintain a link with the employees, it is essential to transmit the objectives of the company, organizational changes, success stories or career plans and professional development offered by the company.

  • Strategic internal communication plan.
  • Brand management and reputation.
  • Internal communication audits.
  • Attracting talent.
  • Corporate manuals.
  • Internal magazine management.
  • Internal crisis management (layoffs, etc.).
  • Gamification techniques.
  • Boosting digitalization: optimal use of new technologies for internal management.
  • Content creation: revitalization (participation, intranet, transversality, collaborative policies, improvement groups, etc.).
  • Changes in management.