Corporate and financial communication

The growing power of citizens, their ability for interaction and influence, and the development of new communication channels today represent a business challenge for confidence building and for the strengthening of corporate reputation.

Competitiveness acquires a greater relevance where the highest qualified stakeholders are concerned, especially in the financial sector, about shareholders, investors, etc., where this confidence building and the recognition of the values of transparency, integrity, social contribution or prestige, obtain an absolutely essential value.

Before identifying the different audiences and reinforcing a direct and solid relation with them, it is fundamental to develop efficient corporate communication strategies oriented towards transmitting the company’s values and activity in order to deal with the perception they reflect.

  • Strategic corporate reputation plan.
  • Reputational study and assessment.
  • Management of relations with stakeholders.
  • Spokespersons training.
  • Speaking opportunities.
  • Reputation plan of the CEO and positioning of the managing team.
  • Awards and recognition.
  • CSR strategic plan: social positioning.
  • Relations with shareholders.
  • Corporate press office.
  • Communication concerning corporate operations: takeover bids, mergers and acquisitions, flotations.
  • Communication with investors and financial intermediaries.
  • Monitoring.